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Project Type

Virtual Reality, Haptics, Art Installation


Silent Green. Berlin, DE. 01.2023.
OKK, Vospiel Festival. Berlin, DE. 02.2023.
SXSW. Austin, TX. 03.2023.
goEast Film Festival. Wiesbaden, DE. 04.2023.
Asian American Int. Film Festival. NYC. 07.2023.
Art*VR Festival. Prague, CZ. 10.2023.

Project Website

“Temporal World” is a VR experience in which artist Chloé Lee reflects on making meaning in places with varying levels of connection to her; from the personal, to the familial to the foreign. While wearing a custom haptic jacket, we are guided to slow down while exploring Berlin and beyond in our increasingly accelerated time. As an Asian-American artist, she explores themes of migration through discovery, documentation and, in time, rooting herself in a new place.

This VR world emphasizes memory’s ephemerality and learning to sense in new ways. These new ways of sensing, in turn, help create a more nuanced understanding of our interactions and, often invisible, dynamics within our environments.

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