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Project type

Virtual Reality Installation, Community-Driven AI, Long-term Research


Berlin, New York City, TBD




Medienboard 2023 - XR & Innovative Audiovisual Development Funding

Awards & Selection

Dok Leipzig 2023 - XR Development Presentation

Project Website

IN-DEVELOPMENT. Inter(mediate) Spaces (IMS) is a generative AI VR experience that reexamines technology’s promise of connection. While experimenting with a new community-driven AI as a world-building tool together, we see the impact our thoughts and words have on the world around us.

Team: Chloé Lee (Present Futures) - Director, Producer, Art Director; Lucas Martinic (Present Futures) - VR Developer; Megan Hattie Stahl (Freelance) - Community Impact Producer; Daniel Duckworth (Google, Brain Researcher in AI) - AI Expert Advisor; Louis Knight (Bloop AI, Founder) - AI Expert Advisor; Kara Lynch (Hunter College, Professor) - Project Advisor

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